PD Content Architect, Mathematics

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PD Content Architect, Mathematics

Job description

Great Minds, a rapidly growing challenger brand in the PK-12 instructional materials space, seeks an experienced Professional Development (PD) Content Architect, Mathematics.


Great Minds brings teachers and scholars together to craft exemplary instructional materials that inspire joy in teaching and learning. Our English curriculum, Wit & Wisdom®, Eureka Math™ and PhD Science™, all support teachers as they take students beyond rote learning to provide a deeper, more complete understanding of the humanities, mathematics, and the sciences. Founded in 2007, Great Minds now employs almost 600 people.

For additional information please visit: www.greatminds.org


Great Minds’ Eureka Math is the most widely used curriculum in the history of American education. It enjoys an unrivaled 40+ net promoter score. Eureka and its sister products, Wit & Wisdom English and PhD Science, embrace much higher expectations for all students and all teachers. In a market dominated by scripted, procedural materials that drive expectations down, Great Minds produces curricula that celebrate knowledge, respect the craft of teaching, and acknowledge the true capabilities of students.

Position Summary

The PD Content Architect supports Great Minds in its mission by promoting effective implementation of Eureka Math. The PD Content Architect is responsible for development and oversight of all professional development content as holistic, intentionally sequenced curricula for teachers and school leadership. The PD Content Architect maintains in-depth knowledge of Eureka Math’s curricular design and ensures that Eureka Math users are prepared to implement the curriculum with fidelity and to deliver high quality instruction.

Core Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of this role include, but are not limited to, the following:

PD Content Design and Development

  • Evolve the Eureka Math PD program, including all PD content, the formats in which the content is made available, and the recommended sequencing thereof.
    • Define multi-year PD content sequences—with both synchronous and asynchronous delivery modes—for teachers and administrators that generate the highest quality of implementation each year.
    • Oversee the writing effort for all PD resources (e.g., digital course videos, digital course downloads and reading material, workshop facilitator guides, workshop participant handouts).
    • Develop materials and processes for screening and vetting candidates for the PD content development team.
    • Develop and deliver training for the PD content development team.
    • Collaborate with PD facilitator leads to develop training for facilitators as they prepare for delivery of in-person and virtual sessions.
    • Identify metrics to measure the success of the PD program, as well as mechanisms to gather and report these metrics at regular intervals.
  • Periodically adjust the PD program by using insights gained from analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, along with academic implementation research.
    • Stay abreast of, and share with the organization, the national and regional policies, trends, and external factors that influence teacher practice.
    • Monitor the impact of PD on teaching and administrative practices across a variety of demographic and geographic users.
    • Collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative data on teaching and administrative practices, including that from student performance data.
    • Hear directly from users by conducting site visits to observe classrooms, planning periods, PD, parent nights, etc.
    • Collaborate with Great Minds colleagues to compare and contrast data trends and outliers.

Great Minds Leadership

  • Cultivate and maintain a strong and supportive Great Minds culture in all work environments, with an emphasis on trust, collegiality, curiosity, and quality.
  • Bring experience, innovation, and critical thinking skills to the role while modeling habits of sharing candidly, listening actively, and supporting decisions made by the team.
  • Support the professional growth and development of PD writers as a mentor, and manage up to 8 direct reports.
  • Collaborate across multiple departments that impact user success (i.e., curriculum development, product management, implementation success, customer success, and account management).
  • Provide timely communication to the math team leadership to address priorities, challenges, risks, feedback, and other matters relevant to Great Minds and its mission.
  • Represent Great Minds through presentations at conferences and in contributions to blogs, whitepapers, etc.
  • Contribute to the development of a network of advocates for the mission of Great Minds.
  • Contribute to the innovation of new products, features, offerings, or marketing strategies to promote the mission of Great Minds.


Relevant Experience and Skills

  • Experience developing a comprehensive system of professional development in support of a specific curriculum or other educational resource.
  • Deep content knowledge in Mathematics with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in an associated content area
  • Experience designing and writing in-person PD workshops.
  • Experience designing and writing asynchronous, digital professional development courses.
  • Experience facilitating professional development workshops for teachers and administrators.
  • Knowledge of the history and evolution of mathematics pedagogical approaches.
  • Management experience or experience with the product life cycle of ideation, drafting, iterating, and development.
  • Superior writing and editing skills with demonstrated writing ability (writing sample required)
  • Teaching experience strongly preferred.
  • Experience with or knowledge of the Eureka Math curriculum strongly preferred.
  • Knowledge base in the features of professional growth programs that create a positive, long-term impact on teaching practice.
  • Knowledge of the Common Core State Standards desired.

Ideal Attributes

  • Respect for education professionals.
  • Flexible thinking.
  • Commitment to continuous improvement and growth mindset.
  • Proactive problem solving.
  • Ability to demonstrate “grace under pressure”.
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively.
  • Receptivity to multiple viewpoints.
  • Ability to contribute to big-picture vision.
  • Commitment to high standards of excellence.


Great Minds is headquartered in Washington, D.C.; however, many team members work remotely. The PD Content Architect can work remotely.

Reports To

CAO, Mathematics


The PD Content Architect will travel approximately 15–20% of the time to

Resume, cover letter, and writing sample required. Selected candidate will be required to pass a criminal history background check.