Learning Design Architect—Mathematics

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Learning Design Architect—Mathematics

Job description

Great Minds, a rapidly growing, DC-based nonprofit organization developing world-class curricula for Grades PK–12, is seeking a Mathematics Learning Design Architect to join our mission-driven team of professionals and spearhead the learning design architecture of the mathematics curriculum. At Great Minds, we believe every child is capable of greatness. Our mission since 2007 is to ensure that all students have access to a quality education and the full range of liberal arts and sciences.  

Company Profile
Founded in 2007, Great Minds is a rapidly growing, DC-based nonprofit operating nationwide that develops world-class curricula for Grades PK–12.  Our mission is to ensure that all students have access to a quality education in the full range of the liberal arts and sciences.

In 2010, Great Minds published the Common Core Curriculum Maps for ELA. This success was followed by being awarded three contracts to develop a PK–12 math curriculum for the New York State Education Department. Great Minds owns this curriculum, which is now widely used throughout the United States as Eureka Math. Great Minds presently employs more than 200 people.

The Great Minds business model has moved from grant and contract solicitation to direct revenue generation over the last three years. This model shift has produced consistent 20+% revenue growth year over year, in large part due to the success of Eureka Math. Great Minds’ recent release of Wit & Wisdom, their K–8 ELA curriculum, has already gained early adoption in the marketplace. With the imminent publication of core curricula in additional subjects, the company’s business model continues to evolve to sustain its steady and rapid growth.

For additional information, please visit www.greatminds.org.

Job Description
Reporting to the Director of Mathematics, the Learning Design Architect—Mathematics is accountable for the learning design of our comprehensive PK–12 mathematics curriculum.  Success in this role necessitates mastery of organization-wide learning design principles as well as Eureka Math’s content, pedagogy, and existing learning design.

Responsibilities of the Learning Design Architect—Mathematics


  • Lead the evolution of Eureka Math’s learning design toward optimal student and teacher learning. Drive the process by which the learning design is incorporated into revision and development of Eureka Math curricular products.
  • Understand and evaluate the organization-wide learning design principles and ensure they are incorporated into the learning design for Eureka Math. Translate the learning design into written documents and architectural templates that yield actionable practices for the development and refinement of mathematics curricular materials in alignment with the design.
  • Develop and deliver training to the Writing team that empowers them to write in alignment with the learning design.
  • Work collaboratively with others in the department to establish curriculum review processes that verify and edit for alignment to the learning design.
  • Monitor the development and editorial processes to ensure practices manifest in product offerings as intended.
  • Partner with others in the organization to establish data systems and mechanisms for monitoring the effectiveness of the learning design on student engagement and student learning.  Analyze metrics to provide insights and assess impact of learning design and pedagogical content strategy.
  • Lead comprehensive, ongoing research to keep the department abreast of research and market practices in learning science, digital learning, and pedagogy of math curricular products—elevating recommendations on important new research and trends to departmental leadership. Work collaboratively with other academic teams across the organization to continuously vet principles and practices against organizational strategy and vision.
  • Embrace, exemplify, and incorporate an academic mindset that values an iterative cycle of ideation, thought partnering, prototyping, drafting, development, review, and revision.
  • Demonstrate editorial sensibility, including ability to
    • write, edit, and attend to precise, academic language;
    • identify specific areas in which content should be revised;
    • apply constructive feedback locally and globally; and
    • implement revisions to process.
  • Communicate on behalf of Great Minds in a variety of internal and public-facing forums (e.g., conference sessions, professional development, and department and organization-wide meetings), demonstrating depth of research, thoughtfulness, and the efficient organization of key points across varied audiences (e.g., authors, executives, press, industry, district leaders, and classroom teachers). 



Required Qualifications

  • Four-year college degree 
  • 5+ years of experience as a classroom teacher
  • Experience establishing learning design architecture for K–12 curriculum products
  • Superior writing and editing skills with demonstrated writing ability (writing sample required)


Ideal Attributes

  • Advanced college degree
  • Deep content knowledge in mathematics
  • Familiarity with Eureka Math
  • Knowledge of the Common Core State Standards
  • Ability to distill and communicate deep principles about complex information from diverse contexts
  • Respect for teacher professionals
  • An academic and growth mindset
  • Ability to consider and synthesize different perspectives and needs to form a recommendation and generate buy-in across constituencies A flexible, versatile nature with the willingness to prioritize efforts to align with organizational goals
  • A passion for quality education resources within the K–12 educational system
  • A sensitivity to audience, political circumstance, market realities, and customer needs across communications 
  • An intellectual curiosity and keen attention to detail 
  • A propensity to thrive in both in-person and remote work settings




  • Full-time position
  • Located in Washington, DC, but position may be remote
  • Excellent benefits package



Please apply on our Careers page: https://greatminds.recruitee.c... If selected for an interview, a salary history and background check will be required.