Full-Time Curriculum Developer, English 9-12

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Full-Time Curriculum Developer, English 9-12

Job description


Remote.  Some travel may be required.  Approximately 5-8 hours weekly required for virtual meetings during business hours Monday - Friday, 9am-6pm EST. Expected start date of January 2020. 


Position Brief 

Great Minds, a rapidly growing organization that develops world-class curricula for grades PK-12, seeks full-time curriculum developers for a nine- to twelve-month project.  We are looking for experienced teachers, writers, and educators who are excited to help expand Great Minds’ English curriculum, Wit & Wisdom®, at the high school level. Curriculum Developers will work as part of a grade-level team to research, draft, and revise content to be used in high school classrooms.  The ideal candidate possesses high school English content and pedagogical expertise, an understanding of intellectual rigor, passion for high-quality curriculum, attention to detail, and the belief that every child is capable of greatness. 


Reporting directly to the Managing Editor, the Curriculum Developer will be responsible for collaborating with both a smaller grade-level team (based on project needs and individual expertise) and a larger humanities curricular team to craft new curricular materials. While the work is remote and the ideal candidate will work well independently, this will also be a highly collaborative project, necessitating a strong sense of teamwork and cooperation.  This is an exceptional opportunity for a smart, dedicated, and passionate individual to apply their skills to support the growth and mission of Great Minds. 


Company Profile

Great Minds was founded in 2007 by a group of teachers and education leaders with the goal of developing a content rich and knowledge-based education for all American schoolchildren.  The core belief at Great Minds is that every child is capable of greatness, and our mission is to ensure that all students have access to a quality education and the full range of liberal arts and sciences.  To achieve this goal, we continue to bring teachers and scholars together to craft exemplary instructional materials that inspire joy in teaching and learning.  Eureka Math™, Wit & Wisdom®, and PhD Science™, all give school teachers the materials and instructional supports they need to take students beyond rote learning to provide a deeper, more complete understanding of the humanities, mathematics, and the sciences.


Great Minds curricula is being used with great success in schools across the nation. and Students and teachers in every corner of our country have felt the impact of our work. True to our founding, we seek to do this work with the collaboration of a team of teacher-writers who can share their passion, their knowledge, and their expertise to create curriculum that is content-rich, knowledge-based, and invites students to think deeply about the world around them.


Major Duties and Responsibilities

The Curriculum Developer duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Collaborate with grade-level and humanities curricular project team members to craft new curricular materials for high school level English curriculum
  • Craft lessons that follow established Wit & Wisdom® standards and norms, that adhere to lesson format (i.e. lesson template, structure, and visual vocabulary), and that are consistent and coherent with those being developed across the grade spans
  • Create modules within a larger scope and sequence that tell a comprehensive and rich story of both classic and contemporary literature and make connections to other academic disciplines
  • Develop additional curriculum resources to enhance and enrich the content and pedagogy, ensuring all work is of the highest quality and reflects the Great Minds philosophy
  • Help build scaffolds/accommodations to meet the needs of all learners, including English language learners, students with special needs, students performing below grade level, and students performing above grade level
  • Work with Great Minds’ staff to ensure accurate content and presentation in a developmentally appropriate sequence
  • Engage in the highest standard of writing and editing for all content, through the use of:
    • Precise, academic language that reflects thoughtful instructional decision making and reflection on lesson and language efficacy
    • Proofreading for accuracy and expression
    • Openness to giving and receiving constructive feedback
    • Implementation of revisions in a timely manner

·         Follow the product life cycle for the project, completing the appropriate scope and sequence of work within the timeline required at each phase

·         Collaborate effectively with other Curriculum Developers within and across grade-level teams on instructional decision making

  • Embrace and exemplify an academic mindset that values drafting, development, review, and revision
  • Adhere to a task- and deadline-driven work flow


Relevant Experience and Skills

  • Deep content knowledge in English, Literature, or associated content area
  • Superior writing ability and demonstrated editing skills
  • Proficiency with or alignment to Wit & Wisdom’s instructional design and pedagogy
  • Deep understanding of the Common Core Standards
  • Demonstrated practice in helping students build evidence-based speaking and writing 
  • Curriculum writing experience preferred
  • Experience as a classroom teacher or educator preferred

Ideal Attributes

  • Expertise in High School English content and pedagogy
  • Understanding of how to develop a culture of intellectual rigor in the classroom
  • Passion for the importance of high-quality curriculum
  • Commitment to high standards, instructional quality, and continuous improvement
  • Proficiency at both working independently and collaborating as part of a team
  • Self-starter who is comfortable and productive when working remotely
  • Appreciation for the challenges and victories faced everyday by classroom teachers
  • Empathy, curiosity, and the desire to continually grow as a learner
  • Positivity in all situations, bringing a can-do attitude to every task
  • Deep belief that every child is capable of greatness
  • If selected a background check will be required.