Director, Supply Chain and Logistics

  • Operations
  • Cincinnati, United States

Director, Supply Chain and Logistics

Job description

The Role:

At Great Minds, the Director Supply Chain and Logistics is responsible for overseeing and managing the company's warehouse and fulfillment operations. The role will cover both higher level strategic planning and tactical, day-to-day operations to ensure service levels are met and the processes are optimized for peak season demand and to achieve maximum efficiencies. In addition, this role will be responsible for reviewing existing vendor performance, identifying new vendors as needed, and developing and maintaining strong working relationships with the supply chain vendor network.

In this role, important strategic judgment is required to distribute the requisite work across the Great Minds’ network to achieve stated objectives. Key criteria for that decision-making will be based on cost, quality, and capacity metrics. Strategic judgment will require a thorough understanding the potential vendor landscape and macro-level trends in the printed book supply chain.

Reporting to the Chief Business Operations Officer, this role work together to develop operating budgets and strategic plans to improve productivity, quality, and efficiency of operations.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop the supply chain strategy and implementation including systems/tools/process improvements for logistics and, fulfillment, warehousing,
  • Work with functional business peers in operations, finance, marketing, and sales to improve the forecasting process and overall planning execution to sustain high levels of customer satisfaction, while reducing costs and improving working capital turnover.
  • Assure new product introduction plans are fully coordinated with and consider supplier delivery capabilities.
  • Manage & drive improvements in the supply chain process leading to improved forecast accuracy, to enable improved service levels and working capital turns improvements
  • Lead warehouse optimization and footprint initiatives including locations, route to market, and decisions on which products to carry in different warehouses.
  • Manage and improve inventory turns and reduce obsolescence across all regional warehouse locations.
  • Lead negotiation efforts for all supply chain vendor contracts.
  • Develop and maintain excellent vendor relationships with 3rd party partners
  • Develop and manage warehouse and logistics budgets
  • Establish annual goals and objectives, (including stretch targets) in coordination with the Chief Business Operations Officer and determine key supply chain KPIs to ensure attainment
  • Participate in existing and new product planning processes to assure timely acquisition of materials to support product launches.


Required Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Supply Chain, Logistics, Engineering, Business or equivalent, Master’s degree preferred.
  • 10-15 years progressive experience in purchasing and materials management roles
  • 5-10 years of direct management experience in warehousing and logistics
  • Proven leadership skills in building and managing large teams with a history of world class


  • Excellent analytical and negotiation skills
  • Demonstrated capability to build teams and manage high-performing teams

Preferred Skills:

  • Senior level supply chain and logistics experience with a track record of operational excellence
  • Exceptional analytical, organizational, and planning skills to optimize and drive efficiency in the end-to-end supply chain.
  • Broad knowledge of P&L, Balance Sheet, ROI.
  • Strong working knowledge of software used to support key functional areas in the supply chain.
  • Experience negotiating and seeking compromise collaboratively with external and internal stakeholders at all levels.
  • Ability to multi-task and handle multiple priorities in a challenging, fast-paced environment.
  • Proven leadership capable of inspiring and driving productivity whilst building best-in-class capabilities and growing successful teams.
  • Excellent communicator with strong interpersonal and listening skills; relaxed giving presentations in front of small groups of people including executives, vendors and customers (both internal and external) at all levels of an organization.
  • Not afraid to challenge the status quo to disrupt and improve processes to achieve results.
  • An independent mindset, valuing collaborative decision making, capable of championing ideas with confidence