Associate Director for Implementation Success, Mathematics

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Associate Director for Implementation Success, Mathematics

Job description

Company Profile

Great Minds, a rapidly growing nonprofit that develops world-class curricula and professional development for P-12, seeks an Associate Director (AD) for Implementation Success to join our dynamic, dedicated mathematics team. At Great Minds, we believe every child is capable of greatness. Our mission is to ensure all students have access to a quality education in the full range of liberal arts and sciences.


The uncompromising curriculum from Great Minds assumes that every child is capable of greatness. We bring teachers and scholars together to craft exemplary instructional materials that inspire joy in teaching and learning. Our mathematics curriculum, Eureka Math™,  our English curriculum, Wit & Wisdom®, and our new science curriculum, PhD Science™, all give school teachers what they need to take students beyond rote learning to provide a deeper, more complete understanding of mathematics, the humanities, and the sciences.


Position Summary

The AD for Implementation Success, Mathematics supports Great Minds in its mission by promoting adoption and effective implementation of Eureka Math.  The AD for Implementation Success is responsible for pro-active and effective development and oversight of an implementation success program plan that provides a scalable means to:

  • foster long-term relationships with school leaders and teachers, based on trust, mutual respect, and shared goals for success
  • ensure that all Eureka Math implementations result in student growth
  • provide efficient and timely access to rigorous content expertise, implementation resources, and key information that lead to Great Minds’ high-quality instruction for all

The AD for Implementation Success maintains intimate knowledge of the features and advantages of products and offerings, and ensures that Great Minds’ partners (both internal and external) understand the philosophy and best practices at the foundation of Great Minds’ curricula and support. The AD for Implementation Success demonstrates exceptional professionalism and communication skills.


Core Responsibilities 

The duties and responsibilities of this role include, but are not limited to the following:

Implementation Success Program  

  • Develop, with input from key stakeholders and team members, a Eureka Math Implementation Success (IS) program plan to meet stated objectives. 
    • Define year-round and multi-year plans, processes and protocols to be followed by Eureka Math IS team members who work directly with users to support their implementations, including pilots
    • Develop and deliver training of the IS Leads in the processes and protocols of the IS program
    • Define key implementation related messaging to be shared by all user-facing team members, such as PD Services and PD facilitators, and customer success and sales team members
    • Identify program plan success metrics, as well as mechanisms for gathering and reporting out the metrics at regular intervals
    • Set up Salesforce processes to support the IS program plan and collaborate with Salesforce developers as necessary to implement these processes
    • Suggest and collaborate in strategies, resources, or offerings (e.g., meetings, presentations, webinars, print collateral, digital content, or services) needed to support successful implementations of Eureka Math. This may include,
      • providing an understanding of the philosophy and best practices at the foundation of Great Minds’ curricula to state and district level leadership,
      • supporting teachers in improving their craft and delivering high-quality Great Minds instruction, and
      • supporting students and families in awareness of resources that support their learning.
  • Periodically adjust the IS program through insights gained from analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, along with policy or practice changes in the field, and academic implementation science research. 
    • Stay abreast of, and share with the organization, the national and regional policies, trends and external factors that influence customer practices, sensitivities, and purchasing habits
    • Monitor the success of implementations across all regions, noticing regional and national trends and categories of needs at all stages of implementation
    • Collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative feedback and metrics on implementations, including student performance data,
    • Conduct site visits to hear directly from users and observe classrooms, planning periods, professional development, parent nights, etc.
    • Collaborate with Great Minds colleagues to compare and contrast data trends and outliers

  Great Minds Leadership

  • Cultivate and maintain a strong and supportive Great Minds culture in all work environments, with an emphasis on trust, collegiality, curiosity, and quality
  • Bring experience, innovation, and critical thinking skills to the role while modeling habits of sharing candidly, listening actively, and supporting decisions made by the team
  • Support the professional growth and development of IS Leads as a mentor, and serving as a manager for up to 8 direct reports
  • Communicate across multiple functions that impact implementation success (product management, PD facilitation, PD content development, customer success, account management)
  • Provide timely communication with math team leadership to address priorities, challenges, risks, feedback, and other matters relevant to Great Minds and its mission
  • Represent Great Minds through presentations at conferences and contributions to blogs, whitepapers, etc.
  • Contribute to the development of a network of advocates for the mission of Great Minds
  • Contribute to the innovation of new products, features, offerings, or marketing strategies to promote the mission of Great Minds

Relevant Experience and Skills

  • Substantial experience leading an implementation success program for a K-12 education product
  • Minimum of 10 years of experience working in or with K-12 schools
  • Experience using Salesforce (or similar tools) to establish and processes, tasks, and campaigns, and analyze associated metrics
  • A record of garnering respect from interactions with a wide variety of positions in schools, districts, and professional networks. 
  • Intimate knowledge of the factors that drive decision making at all levels of public, charter, and private schools
  • Demonstrated proficiency in educational coaching, site-based leadership, curriculum decision-making, and professional development facilitation
  • Deep content knowledge in Mathematics with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in an associated content area
  • Superior skills in communicating ideas of products, services, processes, etc. through verbal descriptions, presentations, and written documentation, conveying an understanding of both the big ideas and the critical, differentiating details

Ideal Attributes

  • Respect for education professionals
  • Flexible thinking
  • Commitment to continuous improvement and growth mindset
  • Proactive problem solving
  • Ability to demonstrate “grace under pressure”
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively
  • Receptivity to multiple viewpoints
  • Ability to contribute to big-picture vision
  • Commitment to high standards of excellence
  • If selected, a background check will be required.


Great Minds is headquartered in Washington, D.C.; however, many members of our team work remotely.


Reports To

Chief Academic Officer, Mathematics



The AD for Implementation Success will spend approximately 20% of their work days on travel, to:

  • observe and participate in school- and district-level implementation meetings
  • observe instruction and professional development on-site to gather data for long-term implementation and professional development planning
  • observe professional development in the field
  • attend and/or present at conferences and similar events
  • participate in team meetings (average of 1-3 times/year)